Mawlamyine Train Station

Mawlamyine Train Station - Counter 7 where tickets to Yangon are purchased

The Mawlamyine train station was completed in February 2006 making it possible to get to Mawlamyine direct  from Yangon by train over the Thalwin bridge which was completed about the same time. The train passes over a single track railway bridge which runs parallel with cars and buses and terminates at the Mawlamyine train station at Myay Ni Gone quarter.

To purchase train tickets to Yangon, proceed to counter number 7. The cost of train tickets will depend on the class of train and range from $7 to $16 for foreigners.

Before the bridge and train stataion were built, the train line ended at Mottama and people who travelled by train to Mawlamyine terminated there and then caught a ferry or speed boat across the Thanlwin river. The train line now extends beyond Mawlamyine and continues south to Ye. This line passes close to Thanbyuzyat, where the infamous death railway was built by Japenese prisoners of war during world war two. The death railway has long been abandoned but some remenants can still be found. Its former track crossed the Myanmar - Thai border at the Three Pagoda Pass and continues on to Bangkok over the river Kwai.

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